Style and stability intersect in the Fractal Collection’s characteristic metal detailing. The hand-welded geometric elements offer the illusion of undisturbed continuity; straight lines unfold and connect at perfect angles creating a visual labyrinth with no discernible beginning or end.

This rustic-industrial coffee table melds the richness of walnut with raw steel to achieve the classic “fractal” aesthetic. An unfinished edge on one side endorses the raw beauty of this remarkable piece.



Confirming Da Vinci’s ‘golden ratio’, this piece thrives upon the pure poise of symmetry. Featuring clean lines and a rustic feel, the Water Tower Coffee Table breathes simplicity, beauty and balance.

The urban sophistication of metal and glass is anchored in perfect proportion by rugged reclaimed beams in this restrained and elegant coffee table.



We'll cut straight to the point on this one—liberated from painstakingly selected slabs, the quintessentially clean and minimalist design of the Apex Coffee Table radiates simplicity, fluidity and function. 

Enjoy this elegant and timeless piece in any room, with any decor style. The possibilities here are endless—use as a table, bench or sideboard. 



The elegant simplicity of line and impeccable craftsmanship elevate the stunning, organic beauty of the Apex-H.  The simple base, interrupting the long grain surface like an inverted metallic inlay, is available in a powder-coated black, white or steel finish. this striking piece showcases the distinctive beauty of the natural material, and can be used as a table, bench or sideboard.